Stop the Spread!

The district has a comprehensive crisis prevention and response plan which provides steps for addressing contagious diseases and pandemics. We have been monitoring the influenza and COVID-19 situation and appreciate the hospital's practical suggestions. Please work with us to implement the hospital's suggested simple steps with your students at home, and monitor messages and updates via the district's social media and websites. Contact your children's schools if you have concerns or questions. Thanks for working with us to keep our community healthy.  See the important message below from MHCC:
Dear Parents and Students,

This time of year influenza and other respiratory germs are circulating through our communities. The Coronavirus has recently received a lot of attention in the news. Memorial Hospital is ready to care for you and your loved ones. We are reviewing protocols, collaborating with state and local officials, and taking steps to “Stop the Spread” of viral germs.

Here’s what you can do to “Stop the Spread,”
  • Wash Or Use Hand Sanitizer Gel Regularly
  • Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly, Including Your Phone
  • Stay Home If You Are Sick Until 24 Hours After Fever
  • Don’t Share Personal Items
  • Don’t Share Food Or Beverages
  • Get The Flu Shot Yearly
The Coronavirus outbreak is not currently a pandemic. An early report suggests only 16% of cases become serious. For more information, please visit the CDC’s Coronavirus outbreak webpage:

There have been no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Wyoming. However, there have been many confirmed influenza cases in our county. The flu is transmitted in the same manner as the Coronavirus and can be just as serious.

If you or your child becomes sick, stay home. Contact your primary care provider to inform them of your illness before going to the doctor. Clinics and hospitals have masks available for you to wear. Masks are for individuals who are or may be sick.

MHCC thanks you for taking steps to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Additional information can be found at
Memorial Hospital of Converse County