News Update: March 22, 2020

The district has been granted a waiver from the state superintendent to waive the 10 instructional days between March 23 and April 3. These days will not need to be made up. Resources will be provided to our students so they can make up work they may have out and to keep on track with meeting state standards, but we will not be requiring new graded assignments through April 3. Families can expect a contact from the school district and online information about learning resources and activities for students for the next two weeks. These resources will begin to be provided on Tuesday along with information about how to access them.  Please be patient as we get everything deployed. 
Check our social media sites and websites about meals being provided to kids over the next two weeks. Both breakfast and lunch will be available beginning on Tuesday. You can sign up here, but even if you are not signed up you can pick up the meals. No one will be turned away. 
Please be safe and healthy and follow recommendations from health professionals about how to manage COVID-19. Thanks for working together with us as we get through these uncharted waters. Be expecting specifics and details beginning Tuesday and throughout the next two weeks. We will be as transparent as possible in providing the information we have available to us. We have a good idea of how the next two weeks will look; however, beyond that there are still a lot of unknowns. We are cognizant of the concern this uncertainty about the future holds for our students and families. Please be flexible as this is a fluid situation. We're all doing the best we can to manage this situation. Working together, the district and families, will be the best option for supporting our kids during this time.
Paige Fenton Hughes, Ed.D., Superintendent