School Closures Extended

This entire week our staff has worked so hard to get the resources up and families contacted. We have a few more to go, but the staff has been amazing in getting all these tasks done. Because we anticipated an extension of the school closures, we have been crafting an adaptive learning plan in partnership with Converse County School District #2. We are fully prepared to roll out adaptive learning for all students on April 6. The details will be filled in during this upcoming week and communicated out so we are ready to roll by April 6. Give us a few days to get the specifics ironed out. Know that learning will not look the same for every child, but the standards and targets will remain the same and the same content will be delivered. Rest assured that our staff members will continue the high quality of instruction our students receive but in a new and different way. We'll all need some patience as we work through this new normal. We'll need to remain flexible as we will have to make adjustments as we go. The district will appreciate your cooperation and partnership as we try to find the very best ways to serve our students. We continue to urge everyone to follow the governor's orders, to stay at home as much as possible, and to follow the guidance of our health professionals. We all want this situation to come to an end, and the quickest way for that to happen is to stay healthy. Let's take care of each other and our kids in these uncharted waters. 
Paige Fenton Hughes, Superintendent