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Note to Parents

Greetings from the Nurse's Office!! 


Welcome back students and parents to the 2018-2019 school year! I hope all of you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. 


wanted to send a reminder to all parents to get registered online and fill out the ‘Health’ section, so that I am better able to meet the health needs of your child.  The form keeps me up to date on your student's health changes during the summer months that we are away from school. After reviewing these I will be sending home any additional paper work that I may need to manage specific health issues or concerns. 


Students who need to be excused for PE or another class for an extended time, due to an injury or illness, must bring a note from the doctor with any restrictions and any other information that we need to be aware of while at school.   


Your child may keep as needed or prescription medications at school in my office. There is a consent form that will need to be completed if you wish to do this. The medication must be in its original container to be kept at school.  


Medications WILL NOT be accepted if they are in a plastic bag or unlabeled medication bottle. 

Please call or email me anytime for questions or concerns regarding your child's health.   




Raegen Hubbard, RN 

DUES/DIS School Nurse